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No. 29, Eghbal Alley, Reshadat St, East Sarv Blvd. Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran


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About us

The Maroon Karan technical and engineering company was registered in 1992 No. 348658.

The Maroon Karan Co. has grade 1 in oil and gas and also EPC grade from president of strategic planning and control organization and also imply to technocrats and morale of partnership, risk expertize and using undertaken and professional manpower’s great resources, technical knowledge, experience and modern science and also utilizing Specialized and modern machinery and equipment could gain a suitable position on the view of technical and operations projects.

It can be said that Executive authority of Maroon Karan Co. has been confirmed in 88th expert investment committee of ministry oil.

We will struggle in order to operate projects as soon as possible with a suitable costs on the basis of  modern standards by using modern technology, mass making-decisions, previous experiences and triumphs.


Maroon Karan Co. is one of the greatest technical-engineering companies in executive orders of industrial and installation projects. Thus, it plays an important role in gas and oil industry and other byproducts.

Observing quality, security, health and environment are valuable in this company. For this reason our perspective is to approach sustainability, enhancing services and productions quality, creating secure work place, prevention of injury and damage toward people and environment.

We believe that observing HSE will result to efficiency, quality and Profitability. Thus, company management in the line of continuous organization refining and also integrated management has selected these goals and undertake itself in order to archive them as follow:

1- Operating facilities-equipment projects on the time according to international standards and employer’s confirmation.

2- Training and creating motivation for employees

3- Using equipment and advanced technologies

4- Following from nations and customer’s laws and orders

5- Enhancing customer’s satisfaction

6-creating healthy, secure and peaceful conditions for employees

7-reducing wastages and damages and also maintaining sources and energy

8- Preventing Environmental pollution and damage to the environment

The quality, health and environment are the basic part of our work and we will place our mentioned points into great plans and programs while establishing policy about The quality, health, secure and environment on the basis of 2004: ISO 14001, 2008: ISO 9001, 2007 OHSAS 18001, 2008: ISO 9001, 2010: ISO/TS 29001 will enhance company’s performance.


  • This company is active in subclass of “oil pipelines, pump houses and oil and gas networks”

Purpose of the Company:

  • Performing all affairs relevant to road construction
  • Constructing road networks
  • Bridge constructing
  • Constructing water, gas and oil pipe lines
  • Constructing installations relevant to refineries – separation stations
  • Performing relevant affairs in the limit of construction and road activities and pipe lines
  • Sandblast coloring and performing affairs relevant to water and wastewater

Board of director




Academic degree

Date of Graduation Working Experience (year)
1 ARMAN TAGHAVI FAR Managing director BS – Mechanical Engineering 2008            8
2 HAMID TAGHAVI FAR Chairman of the Board PHD- Islamic  History 2014           27
3 JAHAN TAGHAVI FAR Vice-Chairman of the Board BS – Civil Engineering 1999           15
4 ALISAFDAR DOSHVARGAR Member of the board BS – Mechanical Engineering 1992          22
5 GHOLAMREZA ABASSI LARKI Member of the board BS – Mechanical Engineering 2000          15
6 BAHRAM NASERI KARIMVAND Member of the board BS – Industrial Engineering 2003          12
7 TEIMOUR ALIPOUR Member of the board BS – Mechanical Engineering 1975           5

Eminent personnel

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