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  1. Establishing 14285 m pipeline from 84 east Parsi area of southern Parsi (Rig 65)
  2. Procurement and establishing underground 16ʺ pipeline from Salkh port to Naghasheh in Qeshm Island
  3. Sandblasting and painting 15000 sqm of Razi Petrochemical Co.
  4. Constructing and painting water treatment tank no. T-3412 of Razi Petrochemical Co.
  5. Sandblasting and painting 20000 sqm of Razi Petrochemical Co.
  6. Establishing 1775 m pipeline from 25 west Koupal area to Koupal oil production unit
  7. Establishing 1259 m 6ʺ oil pipeline and 713 km 4ʺ regeneration gas pipeline from north 128 and south 124 of Lishtar area to Gachsaran 62 and 55 separators
  8. Establishing auxiliary 8ʺ oil transmitting pipeline with 26 km in length of shadegan-Maroon 3
  9. Overhaul and renovating of Shahid Yousefi station ̓s cooling tower of National Gas Co
  10. Offshore piping operations of phase 19 in south pars
  11. Engineering and Procurement Rolls-Royce turbines control system of Gachsaran gas booster stations
  12. Procurement, modification and reconstruction of Genaveh manifold pipeline
  13. Engineering services, procurement, Constructing, commissioning and completing 42ʺ pipeline of Aghar/Dalan ,second phase
  14. Establishing 32ʺ pipeline for 160 km in length Ahvaz-Bahregan, second phase
  15. Procurement and Establishing 69 km 6ʺ, 8ʺ and 12ʺ pipeline for transferring the desalination swage of Maroon 3, 4, 5 and 6 to Ahvaz 1
  16. Establishing 57 km above ground 24ʺ pipeline of oil transfer from Omidiyeh pumping station No. 2 to Mahshahr mile 40
  17. Establishing pipelines of Ramshir ̓s gas injection.
  18. Completing the remaining operations of Gachsaran oil production unit No. 1
  19. Procurement, modifying and developing oil production manifold of Abteimour
  20. Constructing operation of offshore piping operations of phase 14 in south pars
  21. Modifying and developing oil production manifold of Ahvaz No. 1
  22. Piping operations and installing equipment of marine platform of phase 20 and 21 in South Pars
  23. Procurement and construction feed gas pipelines and completing injection network of Gachsaran gas new station
  24. Procurement and establishing wellhead facilities and pipeline of second three loops of Homa region wells
  25. Procurement and establishing wellhead facilities and pipeline of second four loops of Homa region wells
  26. Establishing cluster facilities and pipelines of Kish gas field development plant
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